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Tara Reid and Vinnie Jones in Honestly

TaraReid.jpgTara Reid and Vinnie Jones are teaming up with former NFL player Eddie George in a new film called Honestly. No, honestly. It's also set to be directed by Tommy Reid, Tara's brother who directed her in the bowling comedy 7-10 Split.

According to Reuters through Yahoo News the film will see Tara Reid play a private eye who works for women to discredit their partners, testing the fidelity of husbands who they think may be cheating on them. However, predictably, she falls for one of them who appears to be a thoroughly decent guy. Can we guess what happens next?

You know there is something interesting about this idea, and it already got me slightly annoyed, what a terrible practice to deliberately encourage your husband to cheat and then shout "told you so" and dump him. Why not just pay for a prostitute, invite them to the home, get him totally out of his face...or rather why not just go ahead and divorce him?...or I tell you what...ask him.

Anyway, whatever happened to Vinnie Jones, I thought he was looking pretty good in some of his roles, and now he's doing this? Good cushy job for the Reid's though...



Just wondering out loud Rich since this is not the first time you mentioned Tara Reid here but have you got some soft spot for her or something? ;D

Well I do like her looks, but nothing really more than that. The last article was about the bad press she was getting and her tough time I think.


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