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The Abandoned trailer

TheAbandoned.jpgThe trailer for The Abandoned has appeared online and it looks pretty creepy, if you can get over the annoyingly stupid fact that the lead decides to go to the abandoned house in the middle of the empty forest at night time! Once you get past that though the trailer is very strong and there's a great story behind it.

Marie returns to her home of Russia from living in America for so many years to where her Mother's body has been discovered under strange circumstances. She was adopted as a baby and taken to America never to hear from her again. The only clue to what has happened is an isolated and abandoned (go in the daytime - rule number 3?!) farm that belonged to her natural parents.

Someone she meets en route helps her with the journey and together they visit the house where the stranger mysteriously disappears leaving her alone (and in the bleeding dark!).

Another man is at the house, Nicolai, who claims to have come here under the same circumstances, trying to discover the truth about his past. Soon they can't escape the house and are haunted by terrifying visions of ghosts, their own ghosts.

Time begins to turn around and history re-lives itself in front of their eyes as the house takes them back to reveal why they are there and the secrets of their families. All the while their ghosts wait for them to die.

Wow, that's just freaked me out as I wrote it! You can see the trailer over at Rope of Silicon [Flash:Embed]. You can see some nicely freaky images over at Filmaxinternational.com through Twitch who also have some details on the film.

This is definitely something to watch out for, and it stars Karel Roden who you will most definitely recognise from so many films and television roles.



you might to put your hands on nacho cerda's 'aftermath / genesis' on R1 because it's about to get a chepo reissue and its a fantastic production...

(go in the daytime - rule number 3?!)

This made me laugh! LOL


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