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The Bad Film Club tours UK

Cameo-Screen1.jpgThe Bad Film Club is coming to The Cameo in Edinburgh. What is the Bad Film Club I hear you ask? Well two comedians pick a really bad film, play it in a cinema, and give a running commentary as it plays, pointing out mistakes, flaws and just generally slagging the film to death.

It started out as a bit of fun for the comedians Nicko and Joe who are regular performers at the Edinburgh Fringe. They picked the worst movies they could find in shops DVD bargain bins, and invited some friends round to watch them for a laugh. After a while they decided to try it out with the public, and it worked.

The Scotsman has the news that they are actually having a UK tour. Here are the dates from the official website of The Bad Film Club.

January 7th - Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff - Leprechaun in Space
January 20th - Swindon Arts Centre, Swindon - Anaconda
January 21st - The Cameo, Edinburgh - Battlefield Earth (featuring Glenn Wool)
January 23rd - The Ritzy, Brixton - Basic Instinct 2 (featuring Phil Nichol)
January 27th - Battersea Arts Centre, London - Viva Knievel

Well those are some bad films!

Another great reason to go see them is that not only do the comedians provide commentary, but there's also the chance for audience participation. Yippee!

It actually sounds like a lot of fun, and a superb way to bring back to life the worst films of our time. The only sad thing is that this way these films will actually earn money!



I thought Anaconda ruled! ;D

if you look for jason byrne's podcast on itunes (UK shop) called 'the knowledge' the current episode is with 'the bad film club'...


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