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The Equalizer gains crime writers

TheEqualizer.jpgI had thought that the film version of The Equalizer TV series was dead, but an announcement today of the signing of two screenwriters to the project is good news.

Michael Connelly, the famous crime writer, and Terrill Lee Lankford who is a collaborator of Connelly's, have been signed by The Weinstein Company to write the film.

Paul McGuigan is directing (he's Scottish don't you know), the man who brought us Gangster No. 1 and the superb Lucky Number Slevin (Filmstalker review). There's no cast announced yet, and no announcement of a cameo from the excellent Edward Woodward who I just saw in Who Dares Wins the other night.

The story comes from Variety, and they carry a comment from Connelly about the script:

"...times have certainly changed since the days of the television show...plan to build a character that is of these times but to also keep the heart and soul of the show intact."

Most of the time when you hear about the matching of writers and director to a project you look at their individual styles and accomplishments and don't make any connections, you're usually judging it on the individuals, but not here. Looking at the writers paired with the director and the story itself it looks like a superb matching of talents and strengths, and this has boosted my anticipation in the project ten fold.

Crime, style, action, thrilling story, it's all there and thinking of the original series, you can't help but think that everyone seems to be pointed in the same, and the right direction for this film.



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