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The Hitcher clips online

TheHitcher_Remake.jpgThere are a bunch of clips and new pictures for The Hitcher remake online, and while it does look pretty dark, Sean Bean looks menacing, the look of the original seems to have been retained as well as the major plot line, I'm not sold yet.

Okay so it's not full edited and these will be showing a rough cut with a lot of the covering footage, but watching them the amount of edits and reaction shots did stand out for me, three or four different shots of the couple walking along the road until they cut to the abandoned car on the road they're looking at.

There's a little feeling of unsubtlety to the clips, but again it's probably far from the finished material and we should remember that.

What I did like is that the shots are so close to the original and that it does look good. Okay so I'm tentative about the character addition for the couple and the role reversal, but let's face it, if there's a remake some things have to change so I'm not going to write it off just on these.

The pictures reveal a few things too, and there's not really spoilers but we're getting the direction of the story, for those of us who have seen the original anyway.

You can see the clips over at IESB where they also have a gallery of the pictures at the bottom of the page. Here are links directly to those clips, I've listed all the Quicktime versions.

Meeting The Hitcher
Strangers think I'm trustworthy
The station wagon
Why'd you have to offer the guy a ride
Behind the scenes (longer series of clips)

What do you think? Nothing to worry about just yet?



I have positively no interest in going to see this movie. The trailer and TV spots have completely turned me off. It looks like a the run of the mill remake with a lot a quick edit cuts to make it look "edgy and scary". I'm sure Sean Bean will make a marvelous Hitcher, but if I do watch it I'll be seeing it on DVD.


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