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The Host (Gwoemul) remake to be ruined?

TheHost_Poster.jpgThe Host (Gwoemul) (Filmstalker review) is a superb film I saw last year that really blew me away. The other day the Asian-Hollywood remake producer Roy Lee mentioned something about the US remake that is extremely worrying.

I caught the article in Variety and forgot to post it, but then CHUD picked up on the issue too. In it Lee says:

What counts is helming talent -- like most observers of the Korean scene, he cites Park Chan-wook, Kim Ji-woon and Bong Joon-ho -- and concept. "Is it an interesting story? Can it be packaged? It was a bonus that (Korean all-time B.O. champ) 'The Host' did well, but if it wasn't a good story, it wouldn't have happened."

Having been snapped up last month by Universal after a contest with another entity, "Host" presents Lee an interesting problem: how to remove the pic's underlying anti-American stance while making it more than a generic monster pic.

So first off he credits the film and its success then he says that the anti-American stance will be removed and they will have to make it more than a generic monster film.

What? What film did Lee see? Generic monster film my arse. You can check the Filmstalker review to see that it's much more than that, they've managed to successfully pull in so many different genre's into the one film and make them work. It certainly is not a generic monster film.

As for the anti-American stance, well that would be the opening scene I guess and after that it says more things about Korea more than anywhere else. So are they going to remove that one scene? The scene that could be construed as pointing the finger at the US for being a major polluter of the world? Truth hurts I guess and America is so used to covering that up you couldn't possibly have it in a film. Anyway, the opening scene is shared by two characters, and if I remember rightly one is Asian.

What a load of twaddle. Really. Why remake the film anyway? It doesn't need it. Any Hollywood attempt at remaking it, especially in the style Lee is suggesting, is going to give us a straight monster film, exactly what he says he doesn't want. At least let it enjoy its success before remaking it and trying to steal its returns.



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