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The Killer Inside Me adaptation

TheKillerInsideMe.jpgThe Killer Inside Me is a very interesting sounding novel set for adaptation by Robert Weinbach and directed by Marc Rocco, director of Murder in the First.

The story is about a small town sherriff in Texas who seems to be an all round wonderful guy. Slowly though cracks appear and we see his true dark self, he is a psychotic killer. Now interestingly that's reported upfront from the Variety story through Coming Soon and also on Amazon, so one wonders what the twists and turns of the novel will actually provide.

This story really does have me interested and might mark the next reading purchase. Has anyone already read it? Can you tell us all what it is like and if it will make a strong film?



I really enjoyed this novel but it would be difficult to adapt since it is written from the perspective of the main character. Much of the drama is internal so the adapting writer may have to add some story elements
to make it more cinematic.

It's going to be interesting to see if they keep that internal dialogue in some way. It would be very nice if it was Bob style from Twin Peaks, where the other half is almost a physical person.

I don't know, if it's mainly internal it is going to be tough.

Did you like the book Doug?

If you want to give Jim Thompson's stuff a go, there were two omnibus collections published by Picador in the 90s that rounded up nine of his books, including this one. Could be hard to find now, though, but they'd still probably be cheaper than buying up the individual novels.

If this film goes ahead, it'll be the second film version of this particular book. I haven't read it in years, though, so can't recall an awful lot about it. Will be interested to re-read and then see the film.


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