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The Lost Boys 2 this year?

TheLostBoys.jpgAccording to rumours The Lost Boys 2 starts filming this year, yes the sequel is apparently happening. From the sounds of the plot it's like the executives have sat around and discussed two of the cult movies from the past and combined the plots. Point Break and The Lost Boys, yeah, that'll work.

Why those two films? Well this is about surfing vampires in California. California, perhaps one of the sunniest places without sitting in a desert in Africa. Since they have to stay out of the light, is there a big night surfing scene? I've done night mountain biking, but surfing?

According to the rumour over at IESB, there's a direct to DVD low budget sequel underway over at WB. They made a few phone calls after an industry insider told them it was happening and confirmed that it's shooting this year.

If this is true it's utterly ridiculous. Night surfing vampires? What, do they bite the necks of sharks?



Anything with Vampires is a good thing.

Oh this is shameful. As the previous installment taught us, vampires ride dirtbikes. They don't surf.

Plus it's just not The Lost Boys without the Frog brothers.

What, do they bite the necks of sharks?

Actually that's been done (although it was a zombie taking on the shark, not a vampire)...

No way...Right they have to think about something else then.

Snowboarding Zombies?


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