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Three new 300 commercials online

300.jpgThere's three new TV commercials for the upcoming film 300. Co-written and directed by Zack Snyder from Frank Miller's graphic novel, this looks set to be a superbly visual film full of action and excitement. It also looks to be a very strong performance from Gerard Butler who seems to be going from strength to strength.

Since I'm now back at work after two months of being off, I can't view the clips myself, but there are three there. "Prepare for glory", "Tonight we dine in hell" and "You insult my queen". They all sound like Butler quotes to me.

You can see them over at Superheroflix [Flash:Embed] and tell everyone what you think.

After we saw the last trailer there was a really cheesy line at the end of it which made me cringe, and I'm just hoping that this was a single line out of context and not something we're going to see throughout the film.



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