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Tommy Lee Jones in Dave Robicheaux film

TommyLeeJones.jpgTommy Lee Jones is to star in the film adaptation of the novel In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead by James Lee Burke.

The book is a continuation of the Dave Robicheaux series of novels, Heaven's Prisoners having been another that was adapted to film with Robicheaux played by Alec Baldwin. Now Jones is set to take the part and Bertrand Tavernier is directing the film adapted by Mary Olson-Kromolowski and Jerzy Kromolowski. The details come from Production Weekly.

The Amazon blurb tells us that the detective is hunting a sadistic killer who targets young prostitutes. At the same time an ex shoolmate turned mobster is in town, but he doesn't want to try turning him around and heading him out since he's making a film and bringing in plenty of cash. However the film crew turn up a body in the bayou and suddenly there are links popping up between the mobster, the serial killer, and a thirty year old lynching.

If that all wasn't bizarre enough a Confederate General appears in spirit form to the detective and begins to help him out. Man, this is going to be one bizarre film!

It's great casting for Jones though, and the strangeness of the story just lends weight to him playing the lead. Definitely one to watch out for.



I've only read one of these Robicheaux novels the one titled Burning Angel - that one put me to sleep quite easily, I finished it though, but wouldnt recommend it. I can see Jones as Robicheaux though.


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