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Top Ten F/X Film Scenes of all time?

MatrixReloaded-CarFlip.jpgThere's a list out of the Top Ten F/X Film Scenes and although you can agree with most there's perhaps a few that are most definitely missing.

The list comes from Popular Mechanics and was found by Josh at Cinema Blend, serious kudos for finding that Josh.

Now, have a look at the list and see what you think...

1. Star Wars (1977) - The ship battle scenes I would guess.
2. Tron (1982) - I assume this is for most of the CGI scenes in the film.
3. Terminator 2 (1991) - The morphing scenes of the liquid Terminator although first used in Willow, it was just stunning here.
4. Cliffhanger (1993) - Stallone being suspended by wires which were later removed, a new technique that changed the way stunts were done.
5. Jurassic Park (1993) - Real dinasours. That's it.
6. Forrest Gump (1994) - The scenes where he's superimposed on actual historic footage.
7. The Perfect Storm (2000) - Monster waves.
8. Lord of the Rings (2001) - The huge battle scenes
9. The Polar Express (2004) - Motion capture. The creepy, something not quite right motion capture. Technically great but not comfortable.
10. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) - Goodbye New York. Your carbon emission index has been exceeded.

Josh beat me to this one, but where in the hell is Matrix for bullet time and the amazing car chase? What other films are missing from this list?



Yep, The Matrix should definately be there.

One more thing, the list is actually of the "breakthrough" scenes and movies, and not just the "best" FX scenes....not the same.

I suppose that's why there was a question mark in the title Tom.

I actually thought the "Monster Waves" in The Perfect Storm were a fair bit dodgey.

Actually Tom is right. I didn't take the time to write that carefully enough, the question mark in the title was deliberate but while I try and make everything as accurate as possible sometimes I make mistakes. It's only me here and I'm only human.

That said, there's even more of a case to have Matrix in here then!

May not be the most amazing, but quite memorable was the bit in Resident Evil when the lasers chop up that dude into pieces.

If this is for groundbreaking, Jurassic should be a bit higher on the list I think.


SW Episode I
Independence Day


yes, that scene in Res Evil kicks ass

You mean quite memorable as in disturbingly unpleasant right? Effectively the same technique has been used in Underworld and Equilibrium, and yet neither phased me in the slightest, unlike the scene from ResEvil.

If The Polar Express is getting a mention, what about Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?

Its not quite the same being chopped up with blades ... Its fricking lasers that do the job nicely.

Uh, yea I use the word 'nicely' loosely :)

SW Episode 1 aka The Phantom Menace

Drewbacca, you made me smile. ;)

Didn't Matrix beat TPM for Achievement in Visual Effects that year?


What about Metropolis?

What about Things to Come?

What about the Incredible Shrinking Man?

Or The Time Machine by Georges Pal, who won an Oscar for the achievement?

Or The Bride of Frankenstein, with those amazing James Fulton FX?

Or just ANY Ray Harryhausen movie?

I mean, if this is supposed to be an ALL TIME list, it´s plainly ridiculous.


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