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Ward talks Transformers

ZackWard.jpgZack Ward has been talking about Transformers and has revealed a few interesing titbits about the film.

He says that Steven Spielberg was really impressed with the dailies, going as far to say that they reminded him of Saving Private Ryan. Well, that's what Michael Bay told him afterwards. He also talks about how Bay likes to keep the CGI to a minimum and keep things as real as possible...

"CGI is easy to work with, it’s a long green stick with a tennis ball on the end and that is 'the monster'. Luckily, we were working with the best, ILM (Industrial Light and Magic). They’d show us a computer image of the 'monster' right before a scene so we knew what the audience would be seeing and MAN, was it cool. Sometimes it wasn’t CGI, it was real. That’s a big thing Michael Bay likes, reality. He kept the CGI down as much as possible. All the explosions, planes, tanks and half the robots are real."

Now that really does sound promising doesn't it? I think you can still easily tell CGI from reality, unless the CGI work is carefully integrated with real life action, I mean part real and part CGI, when that's done effects look spectacular and you're fooled, so I'm mighty glad this is the way they are going with Transformers.

You can read the whole interview over at Skewed and Reviewed where he talks about his character, big guns, and Bay's working style.

Despite the reaction of many people on the Internet to recent news about the film, I am looking forward to it and I thought the trailer was pretty damn cool. I think the film is going to be stupendous and drain those wallets easily.



That sounds pretty dang good. Its good to know that not everyone takes the easy route.

Mixing cgi and actors, *cough* phantom menace *cough*, can be difficult though. Hope the attention to detail is there.

Hey Pablo, thanks for the mention on The Phantom Menace, I take it that you didnt like it? ;D


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