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Welsh's Ecstasy drops Scottish production

IrvineWelsh.jpgThe production of the Irvine Welsh novel Ecstasy seems to have hit somewhat of a stop gap, and has resulted in the dismissal of the entire Scottish production team.

The film was scheduled to begin last november and is now slated for the earliest date of march with fears that it may be scrapped entirely.

Ecstasy is the story about a drug dealer who abandons his past life and finds true love, this being the real ecstasy of his life, but along the way there are complications.

There was a fair list of people attached to the Scottish side of production, including Lord Of The Rings Billy Boyd, Bill Paterson and BBC Scottish comedy favourites Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill and Karen Dunbar, as well as TV presenter Jenni Falconer. Other stars are Will Kemp, Richard E. Grant, and Erica Durance.

The Canadian Director and co-screenwriter Rob Heydon said:

"We have replaced our PM (production manager) and line producer. They are obviously very bitter about it."

With those two roles go the entire Scottish crew, and Heydon insists the production will continue. According to The Scotsman story, Philippa Heydon is the Line Producer replaced, and she was quite adamant that...

...the crew were due about £30,000. She added: "I have no idea where Rob gets any notions of our being bitter. Disappointed and frustrated are more accurate."

There are a few anonymous comments on the IMDB listings that have some negative things to say about the production, and there seems to be much more behind the story than just a little tension.

Quite frankly I can't understand this as Scotland, in general, is dying to get it's film industry in a higher gear, and yet much like in the days of Braveheart, there's too much politics, selling out, and backfighting and talent gets ignored, films get buried and productions move outside the country. Ecstasy looks like another one that is going to fall this way.



A cast member told me (last week) that the interior shots will be filmed in Romania or Bulgaria, but that exteriors will still be in Scotland. They don't know when filming will actually start.

Thanks for the heads up Kenny. I'm with you, I really want to see more films in Edinburgh too, and not tartan based sell your soul films either.

Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

Philippa was fired for breach of contract.

mocojez - any chance you could tell us what you're talking about, and perhaps also shed some light on why the rest of the Scottish crew seem to have been let go as well?

The rest of the crew were released as the production was delayed.


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