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Whitaker joins Winged Creatures

ForestWhitaker.jpgForest Whitaker is one of my favourite actors and blews me away with his performances, The Last King of Scotland (Filmstalker review) did it again. Now he's set to join Winged Creatures, a film from the director of Little Fish (Filmstalker review) Rowan Woods which already stars Guy Pearce and Kate Beckinsale.

According to The Herald Sun through Moviehole, the story has a strong role for him and he sought assurance about the director before continuing.

"There's a role in it I really like...I just asked Cate Blanchett about her work with him [Woods] on Little Fish and she was expressing that she thought he was one of the most talented directors she'd worked with and the most powerful one in Australia. I was really happy to hear that because I was charmed by his vision of the movie"

The film is set to tell the story of a group of people who survive a shooting in a small diner in L.A. Woods says that the film is...

"...a deep and moving study about a group of people who, at close hand, experience a shooting...it's a very serious critique of American society."

Well with Pearce and Whitaker I'm watching it, regardless of what I thought of Little Fish. Oh and there's the added attraction of Beckinsale, but in such a serious subject I doubt she's eye candy.

Here's an interesting thought, how many performances of Whitaker's stick in your mind? I'm actually surprised how many I forgot were him until I saw his profile. You'd think with such a memorable presence you'd be hard pressed to forget it was him in these roles.



I'm quite keen of seeing Last King after seeing the trailer the other day. Looks like a cracker.

Interesting filmography. Didn't know he was in Battlefield Earth. I recall him being one of the few redeeming features of Smoke, which is probably where I first encountered him. And of course Ghost Dog.

Didnt know he was also in Stakeout.

I only remember seeing him in Phone Booth, Phenomenon, and Species


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