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Win your own death scene!

TheHitcher_Remake.jpgWant to see yourself be killed onscreen in one of Rogue Pictures films like The Hitcher remake? Well if you're in the US then you can have that very chance, simply by heading over to the official site and signing up.

You can win your very own death scene in one of their upcoming films. There's no word on which film yet, but who cares? It's an onscreen death!

Unfortunately, according to Rope of Silicon the competition is open only to US legal residents of 18 years or older, damn them.

To enter the competition head to the Hitcher official site, as long as the above applies then you can too.

Your own film death. Oh I would love to die on screen. I'd make a career out of it. If you had the choice of dying in a famous film scene, what would you choose? I kinda like the truck scene in Hitcher, or how about a head explosion a la Scanners? How would you want to go?



Sounds like a nice feature already!

I would have loved to be mangled and torn to pieces in a Jaws film. Wouldn't that be classic? The look of terror in my face, priceless!

Spielberg: And action, Simone!



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