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Zombie to rewrite Halloween script?

Halloween.jpgWell there's been some banter online about the Rob Zombie Halloween remake. There was The Devil's Rejects (Filmstalker review) casting that raised a murmur, and then the script was reviewed at AICN and given a pretty poor review at that, this was followed by a good review at Fangoria. Zombie then hit back saying it was an early draft, that was disputed and today the rumour is that the film is delayed for a rewrite.

Bloody Disgusting through AICN carry the news. Bloody Disgusting have tried to substantiate the rumour from a few sources but they can't get a straight answer, or at least one to back the rumour up.

Looking at it from here if this is true then Zombie should just stand up and say yeah, I took the critique and I'm looking at the script again. I don't think there's anything wrong in that, in fact it shows that he's open to comments from the professional audience goers.

At the same time if he stands up and says tough, I like it and I'm making it, then more power to him. That's just as much a great thing as going into rewrites. Either way a winner.

However, what I don't think he should be doing is not accepting that there's going to be a negative response from the outset because he's remaking such a well loved classic. That should be a given. Remaking a film that's already become a classic means treading on people's well worn beliefs and loves about the story, so you have to win them over and that's done usually at screening time.

With the durge of rubbish that's coming out under the remake banner, how can anyone not expect a negative opinion from the beginning. Just go ahead, make it well, and prove them wrong, and if that needs a rewrite, then just do it.



I think there is indeed a tendency to automatically assume the worst with remakes, hence why people are automatically leery of them whenever they hear about yet another one on the way. Although I think when people throw their hands up in horror at another remake, there's not invalid reasons for that.

As for this one, I'll keep an open mind about it as I was never a fan of the original.


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