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300 booed in Berlin, wildly differing reviews

300.jpg300 is treading a thin line just now. Reports have come in that the film was booed at Berlin during the closing titles and that people were walking out, and yet other sites who have seen it are rating it with full marks. It seems this might be a love it or hate it, and Filmstalker will know for sure come Friday night.

Cinematical were at the screening in Berlin and said:

It started shortly after the opening credits; small groups of folks began heading for the door. It got worse when the main villain appeared on screen and all the audience could do was laugh. And, yes, it ended when whatever was left of a packed house booed Zack Snyder's 300 as the end credits scrolled up the screen.

Then there's the review in which they pretty much crush it, and yet at the same time IGN are praising it to high heaven with full marks.

At least Sin City had actual talent to go along with its intertwining storyline and poetic dialogue -- all 300 has going for it is a bunch of sexy men swinging swords and screaming bloody murder...he fight scenes are way too stylized to effectively engage the audience. Snyder's effects take all the realism out, and the acting...drowns out the passion...Zack Snyder's interpretation was a boring, fast-food version of better films, with better scripts, better acting and better battles.

Interesting, and the IGN say things like:

...adapts Frank Miller's graphic novel with passion and creativity, proving that classical storytelling will never go out of style...Snyder has crafted a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is unlike any movie audiences have seen, and in so doing he may have sealed his own fate as a possible redeemer of modern moviemaking...

...Butler, a reliable Russell Crowe-like leading man who hasn't yet enjoyed the success he deserves, finally finds his Maximus in Leonidas. He possesses enough strength and tenderness to satisfy all of the demands of his character...

...He choreographs the action in such a way as to inspire awe no matter what his characters are doing...none of these flourishes feel superfluous. Instead, they create the kind of momentum and operatic scope that elevates a tall tale to the stuff of legend.

Wow, how far apart could they be? One hails the film, the other curses it. As I say I will be lucky enough to see it come Friday, so I'll let you know as soon as I can how good it really is. Right now it's looking like it's a love it or hate it relationship. Perhaps the two sites styles match their respective comments?



I'm seeing this tomorrow (Thursday) night. Was really looking forward to it - now I'm not so sure!

Yeah Richard! Filmstalker and will know Friday night! ;)

What gets me is why did WB take 300 to Berlin film festival??? I mean usually arty farty gay movies or boring movies from china are shown there...It was a bad move by WB.

You've been duped. At the actual Premiere in Berlin the film received standing ovations. That Erik guy - the blogger who posted on Cinematical and then wrote that negative stuff - has misled people with his report. He has some very transparent biases. He may have been at a press screening, who knows, but I can tell you for certain that the audience at the actual Premiere had a kick-ass time and showed their appreciation especially after the film ended.

Hey Nicole, are you saying Eric lied in the review and the write up? What was the true story from your perspective, and what are the "transparent biases" you picked up on?

I have to agree with Mike, it certainly was the wrong place to screen it to begin with.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this flick.

I've never understood booing at a screening.... or applauding for that matter. The film makers and actors can't hear you (unless it's a festival screening, then sometimes the director et al. is there), so what's the point? Is it just that people in today's society feel that everyone in a theater needs/wants to hear their opinion, no matter how rude or immature it is? Lame.

You don't like the movie? Fine. Just leave quietly and tell people you didn't like it. What's the point in booing? Just to prove you're a prick?

Berlin and booing seems to go hand in hand (see The Fountain). Honestly, I can't make heads or tails over 300 at this point, which means I'll see it no matter what. I was really turned off, though, by a vulgar "review" of it that appeared on AICN. I know that's par for the course for that site, but if that's the response the movie is going to get from overzealous fanboys, I'm worried that my Fountain-loving ass will only appreciate it aesthetically and hate it in every other way. Time will tell. Incidentally, this is also how I feel about The Transformers.

Have to say that I adored THE FOUNTAIN, although I'm getting a totally different vibe off of 300. I've always been apprehensive that the movie will be over-stylized noise (lots of shouting in those trailers)...I'm even more apprehensive now, however, I tend to see all of these types of films in the theatre anyway, so Snyder and Co. already have my $11

Drew - totally agree. I can see why people applaud though, and if they want to that's great. However booing does seem agressive, rude and downright nasty. If you don't like it then put your points across eloquently and perhaps ask the film makers about it. As you say, leave and don't spoil it for others.

Interesting though that there does seem to be differing reports between Cinematical and Warner Brothers.

I shall see tomorrow and hopefully update you Saturday.


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