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300 quick preview

300.jpgI'm not long back in my hotel room after seeing 300, and although I'm not going to scream it's the best thing ever, it certainly is a superb film.

The review is coming tomorrow, but in the meantime I have to say that whoever booed the film at Berlin, as this previous story claims, either doesn't enjoy entertaining cinema or is one of those types that can't enjoy films unless you can't understand the plot, comes from an eastern european country never heard of before, and is visualised in a random time frame of images of decaying fruit.

I honestly can't believe that this film was booed, and you'll find out more about why tomorrow. For me it's bed and then racing through this crazed city to fly home again.

Update: The review is now live! Go read it!



Richard, I am seething with envy that u got to see this way b4 opeining day. God knows when we will get it over here in the far east, but i sincerely hope its very sooooooon. Can't wait for your full review of the movie, I never thought this movie could go wrong ever since I laid eyes on it back in late 05. Anyway good nite.

Yeah, welcome and now goodbye from all of us in London Richard. ;)

I cant wait for your full, comprehensive review.

I'm glad to hear good things about 300. This has been on my most anticipated list for some time now and it sounds like I won't be disappointed.


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