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Abrams to direct King's The Dark Tower?

JJAbrams.jpgIt may be true that J.J. Abrams is not going to direct Star Trek XI, sure it looks like he'll stay producing, but the directors job doesn't look like it's for him. Why so? Well according to the latest rumour Abrams is going to direct a mini-series of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.

Hard to believe isn't it, and there's also some worrying news for fans of The Tower. I'll explain that thinking in a moment.

According to the rumour Bad Robot have no comment on the matter, but those darned sources have told UK IGN that an announcement is coming. What's more exciting is that they believe it might be a film rather than a mini-series.

Other than the source there doesn't seem to be anything behind it all except for an Entertainment Weekly with Stephen King, Abrams and producing partner Damon Lindelof appeared, Lindelof brought a rare first edition of The Gunsligner to the meeting. Well that's interesting news IGN, but hardly conclusive. I think we ought to wait for this announcement.

The Dark Tower is a series of seven books about a Gunsligner from another universe whose family has been destroyed by The Dark Man. Not just that but the world as he knows it is starting to disappear, and darkness is creeping in, and he feels that he is the only one who can stop it. So he tracks the Dark Man and chases him across the lands to the Dark Tower. On the way he discovers portals to other worlds and universes through which he travels to bring other Gunslingers and to complete parts of his journey.

It's a great tale, and an epic one. I've never cried reading books, but I did reading the last book of the series. I'd travelled the entire journey with these characters, reading the first book on first publication and the last when it was published, and they are superb.

However, let's say it is true, here are some of my worries. If it's a mini-series then we have to pray that Abrams is hands on for the entire run. When he's not you can see the quality of a show drop, see Lost and Alias for the prime examples. I've lost interest in Lost, and I really do find the last series of Alias a struggle because it is so weak and so far removed from the original.

Now, let's say it's a film. Then we're set for a wonderful ride with Abrams, but that too has worries for me. Nine books to one film? Okay then let's say he takes the first book to a film, for me that is a great introduction, but it's no big film on its own. For a great single film to work I do think they have to either make or nine, or what's most likey is, they'll combine or mix and match. Pulling together material from the first few books would definitely make a film, but that means cutting lot's and leaving us with a single film.

Frankly I really don't see how they can do it well and true to the books unless Abrams commits to making all the books into a series of films.

Either way there's trouble ahead for anyone trying to adapt this, I think it's going to equal Lord of The Rings in terms of complexities and effort to the big screen, and budget. Without a big budget it might as well be another mini-series.

Update: Confirmation comes from The Hollywood Reporter this morning through Coming Soon, Abrams and King are in talks to bring The Dark Tower series to the screen, whether that is big or small is as yet undecided.

As I said, King if you're reading this and you're going the mini-series route, ensure the contract states Abrams must be actively on the series from start to finish, if it's a film, get the budget or walk away.



they can't make this into a movie/series yet. I have only read the first book and that was some time ago.

I got bored(re:impatient) waiting for the series to continue, then forgot about it until somebody mentioned it had finished

Now i have to trapse through all the second hand book stores looking for originals.

Funny how someone who claims to have read the entire Dark Tower Series refers to the "Dark Man". King never did that once in the 34 years he featured him in the Tower series. Man in Black anyone??


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