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Black Water Transit director change

BlackWaterTransit.jpgHere's an interesting announcement, there's a new director in talks for Black Water Transit. A new director to replace Samuel Bayer. Although this doesn't affect the production shooting, principal photography will be pushed back until early April.

The announcement is quite surprising this late into production, and it suggests that either Bayer has walked on or that he's been asked to. Bayer is a music video director and this was to be his first break into film direction. Tony Kaye who directed the superb American History X is currently in talks as his replacement say Production Weekly.

The film is based on Carsten Stroud's novel which tells the story of Jack Vermillion played by Samuel L. Jackson, who wants to try and get his son moved from a maximum security prison. To do this the authorities want something in exchange, and when he is approached by Earl Pike, played by Bruce Willis, to move his rather large personal gun collection overseas, Vermillion passes it to the feds. However, the arrest goes terribly wrong and people are left dead on both sides. Now both Pike and the authorities are after Vermillion.

Sounds like it could be a great thriller, and the comments on the novel are pretty good. I've added it to my purchase queue just to see how good it is. However seems like the change of director on this is a good thing as Kaye brings more experience to the role.



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