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Cannibal Holocaust remake begins!

CannibalHolocaust.jpgOh woe, another classic horror film is being remade and this one obviously cannot garner the controversy the original did. Cannibal Holocaust caused such a storm when it was first released because the gore and violence was so real that many people thought it actually was, and so it was banned in many countries. The director was even jailed briefly until he could prove no one was actually killed!

The film follows a group travelling to South America to find out what happened to a film crew who were never heard from after heading there to shoot a documentary about reputed cannibal tribes - you'd have thought they would have made the connection before they left!

They eventually find the undeveloped film and the remains of the crew, and the film shows exactly what happened to them all. Inspiration for The Last Broadcast and The Blair Witch Project?

Variety tell us who the producers are:

Relevant partner Michael Menchel and associate Steve Whitney will produce. The project is fully financed by Keith Previte of Scorched Earth Entertainment and Catherine Williams, who also will serve as producers. Paul Mason, Jordan Rush and Larry Joackim will exec produce.

Just to give us an idea, Whitney was on the production team for The Amityville Horror remake. Expect all the controversy and original impact to be gone.



What is it with all these remakes?!

Its really getting on my nerves now to be honest. Okay some remakes have turned out very well. For example, The Departed. But its very rare that they turns out to be like that.

I think and ask myself why I haven't been the cinema as much as I hope. The main reason is because there is nothing out that interests me. I know there have been some really good films out recently (always is near awards season), but most of the films are either rubbish films for an easily pleased teen audience or pointless, rubbish remakes.

How Hollywood has changed.

(... or is it the audience?)

Hey there Billy. I think it's a bit of both, and interestingly both hold the power to change it. The audience can chose not to see remakes as much as Hollywood can chose not to make them.

You really have to look outside Hollywood for the best cinema at the moment, and I don't mean by that ignoring the US film industry, just outside of the Hollywood studio system.

Yeah I agree.

It's funny for me to look at my DVD collection and look at the more recent ones I have bought to those when I first started buying DVDs years ago. The newer ones being of much better quality, as films, than the ones I fairly enjoyed, but now have the urge to throw them out the window everytime I look at them. Maybe its just me and me maturing as a filmgoer. But as you say Richard, the better films are outside of the Hollywood studio system. Films today always seem to be aimed at the larger audience (pre-/teens), which is a real shame, as we know weakens the script (ie. less violence, intelligence(?)).

I watch films from the 30s (love the Hitchcock films) to the 70s (love... where to start?) and find them much more entertaining and interesting than today films. I'm only 20 this year and even I, a lover for films, can see the shift studios are making.

Why would Hollywood get itself in this mess? Quantity sadly destroyed quality.

they're going to have a tough time remaking 'cannibal holocaust'.

clearly it has some kind of possible relationship to films like 'the blair witch project', but it's key charms remain within a couple of unpredictable and uncontrollable elements from the production, and a couple from post-production (one of which you mentioned) - that the crew and cast filmed it very loosely and got completely lost in their own little world of extreme imagery for a time whilst shooting and managed to capture the whole thing one film, and that it's a wonderfully cold & heartless score by riz ortolani who was already famous back then for his soundtracks for true 'documentaries' such as "mondo cane". it has a huge impact upon me in just the briefest snippets, that score.

secondly, post-filming, as you've mentioned there were issues of proving its authenticity (or not, as the case may be) because deodato asked certain cast members to go into hiding after the shoot in order that it wasn't easy to track them down and dispel the myths surrounding the idea of them having been killed on film. the half of that story, it's post-release reputation, is it's connection to the UK's 1984 DPP banned list of films, and it's perhaps the most notrious of those films... i think its an utterly deplorable piece of work, but damn good too for many reasons. how do you recreate or compensate for those things going missing during a remake, not to mention the cultural elements of those responsible for the original in relation to the time and system from within which they worked?

I hope they do not tame it down, but I agree that this remake will probably have lost all of its rawness, thus lifting the ban for the remake but not for the original. Another cult classic might go down the drain, but I am still curious to see how it turn out.

There's some competition going on to see who can come up with the most unnecessary, useless remake, isn't there? It's the only way to explain this.

Ha ha, yes it would seem that way James.

dude this film was one of the best movies I ever saw they cant remake this!!!!

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