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Capricorn One conspiracy film for remake?

CapricornOne.jpgCapricorn One is about to be remade. Now I know this might not touch some of you, but this is a film that really did influence me. This film comes from an era of thrillers that really touched on a paranoia of governmental conspiracies which I really loved and still love watching. It starred Elliot Gould as a investigative reporter who starts to get suspicious and begins to look further into events.

Written and directed by Peter Hyams who also brought the similarly charged The Star Chamber starring Michael Douglas, and Outland starring Sean Connery, both of which are also up for remakes, and a film I really enjoy, End of Days. Oh sue me. Actually don't, I have no cash.

This film has a great cast, apart from Gould we have James Brolin, Sam Waterston, O.J. Simpson, Karen Black and Telly Savalas, all bringing a superb conspiracy about Nasa faking Mars landings to appease Government and public pressure. However the astronauts aren't that keen on the idea, and Nasa is portrayed as another covert Government group.

It's a cracking film, and one you should see before it's remade. Moviehole through Cinema Blend tell us that Hyams is producing the remake and, for some strange reason, signing the director of Shanghai Knights David Dobkin. Shooting is set to start later this year, according to speculation.

Still, rumour aside I think this would be a great time for films like this to come back, while there is a big feeling that Governments aren't all they are cracked up to be and we have lying and cheering politicians everywhere, this type of film would definitely make a strong comeback. That is it would if it was well made.



I still believe that they got to the Moon, though.

Well done Peter!! ;)

Seriously thought, this film could make you believe that they didn't. It's very clever and very tense.

Hehehe talk about conspiracy theories there.

I have not seen this film but would love to. Before they ruin it with a remake.


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