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Cussler case shows Producers in bad light

Sahara.jpgThe Sahara and Clive Cussler trial continues, for the running story why not read this article, or this one to catch up. Well now it looks like we could start believing that Cussler was done wrong, especially from the in court comments from the producer Karen Baldwin, who seems better suited as a politician than in Hollywood.

Here's a quote when they were talking about the writer Josh Friedman, one of several writers who were quit or fired from the production.

Although Baldwin was shown a memo where she wrote, "I fired him off the picture," on Thursday she testified, "We had a conversation and I said if I have to choose between you and Clive Cussler, I'll pick Clive every time. He thought that meant I fired him, but I didn't, but since he thought he was fired, we decided, 'OK, you're off the picture.'"

That comment from the Variety article already have you confused don't they? Well there's more, and the double talk and back speak is worthy of Blair/Bush/Insert your leader here.

Baldwin contends she was Cussler's greatest champion. Fields asked Baldwin whether she was being Cussler's advocate when she told him to his face that his scripts were great and wrote memos saying that he didn't know what he was doing. "You bet," Baldwin replied. "Didn't you tell [Cussler] you loved his scripts," asked Fields. "Yes," said Baldwin, "but I always meant it with a qualifier."

Okay, that's an interesting one too, but here's the killer that's just been set up by that answer.

Fields showed Baldwin a memo where she had written, "Until Cussler takes a back seat, we're [Rude word meaning in real trouble removed - Richard]." Asked Fields: "Was that you being [Cussler's] strongest advocate? Replied Baldwin: "Under the circumstances, Yes."

Eh? No wonder Cussler is feeling a little miffed about the whole deal. Sounds like the politics at work to be honest, backstabbing, lying, two faced people, lovely. Well done to Cussler for standing up against this kind of behaviour. Wouldn't you be a bit angry at the way you and your script was treated after this?



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