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Cussler says Sahara's heart was torn out

Sahara.jpgThe Clive Cussler versus Hollywood Sahara court battle continues as Cussler takes the stand and talks about how he feels he's been wronged. According to his own words in court, the production company "tore the heart out of" his book and "ruined the film".

Sahara was actually a good fun film, nothing overly amazing or exciting, but it was fun. It told the story of a hunt for treasure in the Sahara, and of helping a UN doctor who was being hounded by a ruthless dictator.

Cussler is suing the company because he alleges they breached the contract he had with them by radically altering the screenplay without his prior consent. He says that his contract had final approval on any script, meanwhile in typical US fashion, here comes the sued party counter suing the suing party for anything they can. They are claiming that Cussler was uncooperative and began saying negative things about the film before it came out.

It's going back and forth at the moment and Cussler is saying that he contributed loads to various rewrites with the producers praising his input, and when he said that the latest rewrite he saw was juvenile and amateurish (sounds like the film right enough) they told him he didn't have approval rights and they were off.

"They ruined it," Cussler said.

Is the final quote from the Guardian article. Well it's not actually, the classic line "The case continues" is.

However it highlights the continual problem of writers handing their books to Hollywood, and begs the question, why don't they secure all the rights they want at the contract stage and get it signed in blood?



Moviecitynews has been running steady links to the LA Times which have been covering this amusing trainwreck of a lawsuit. I peek in for a bit of shadenfraude every now and again...


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