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Details on Millar's The Spirit film

TheSpirit.jpgOver at New York Comic-Con The Spirit has been talked about, unfortunately Frank Miller who is up to direct wasn't there but a couple of producers were, and they talked about some of the ideas behind the film.

"The basis of the film is the very early Eisner work...If you know the original Sans Serif story, you have an idea of what the film will be....We're not going to do the whimsical Spirit stories...The storyboards are by Will Eisner, with an assist by Frank Miller...

The speakers were Producer Michael Uslan, Co-producer F.J. DeSanto and Dennis Kitchen who talked for Will Eisner and the comments come through UK IGN.

Apparently there's going to be a strong focus on the Spirit's femme fatale characters and the city itself. The film is also going to try and recreate the feel of the original comics fro Eisner, much as Sin City has with Miller's original work.

Sounds like there's a strong focus to try and retain the Eisner flavour, something Miller is very at home with having worked closely on some of his comic adaptations for the big screen. It does suggest that The Spirit is going to make a strong return to the cinema.



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