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Eckhart reveals Dent Dark Knight details

AaronEckhart.jpgAaron Eckhart has been talking about his role as Harvey Dent and he's revealed a little information about his character's future in The Dark Knight.

Now beware, you may consider there spoilers ahead if you don't know much about the Batman story, and in particular the story of Harvey Dent. So back away now. If you know Batman then you're sure to be okay.

According to an interview, he let slip that Dent's transformation would be shown in the film. He's a little cryptic about it, so perhaps it happens in the film but we don't see Dent become the character of Two-Face until the third film.

The guessing is that this is the Joker's film and during it he does the deed and we see the firt ruminations of Two-Face before we close, and with that we have a third film.

Q: Is Eckhart exclusively Harvey Dent in "The Dark Knight"?
A: "Yeah," Eckhart said, before reconsidering after a brief pause, "Well, I'm Harvey Dent ... then I go into Harvey Two-Face."

That's about the extent of what he says as he does then go on to tell the MTV interviewers through Superhero Hype that if he talks he'll be killed.

I do think it sounds as if they are following the Spiderman route, create the backstory and the characters in the current film for the sequel, don't be tempted just to throw them in at the film or to try and crowd out the main villain. Sounds promising doesn't it?



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