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Janssen joins 100 Feet horror

FamkeJanssen.jpgYes Famke Janssen is stunningly gorgeous, but she can also act her socks off (if she's wearing socks that is) as I saw in The Treatment (Filmstalker review). Now she's been snapped up for a supernatural horror thriller, whatever that turns out to be, called 100 Feet, and I'm hoping that this doesn't pull her away from her more dramatic career.

According to HorrorMovies.ca through Horror Movies &stuff, she's joining Michael Pare in the film.

It tells the story of a woman called Marnie Watson who is granted early release from prison where she is serving time for killing her violent husband in self defense. She's released on condition she wears an electronic tag that ensures she doesn't leave a 100 foot radius of her house. All the while her husband's partner, he was a New York policeman, is sitting across the road watching her, but that's not the half of her problems as the ghost of her dead husband is still in the house bent on revenge.

Interestingly though the film is written and directed by Eric Red, the man who co-wrote Blue Steel, Near Dark and wrote the original Hitcher film.

Mmmm...sounds like she's broken that dramatic run slightly, I hope some of her other projects make up for it though.



sounds amazing
she has an independant lead role in a drama called
"Turn the river" coming out you better watch out for that one Famke said its one of the best two movies in her career and it was written for her

a rough summary
Turn the River stars Famke Janssen as Kailey, a female gambler/pool player who has no legal control over her son who lives with his father, she isn't allowed to see him due to the controlling mother of her ex-husband, however through the owner of a pool hall she finds out that his father has been abusing him so she forms a plan to kidnap him from his father and escape with him across the border but she needs money to carry out this plan so she plays pool to try to get the money she needs to rescue her son from his abusive father. Kailey must also confront her past and redeem herself in this classic film

and a producer for turn the river is constantly talking about how amazing famke's performance is in TTR and thatshe will get alot well earned buzz for it


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