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Mamet's L.A. underground fighter story

DavidMamet.jpgThe word on one of David Mamet's next projects is rather interesting, it is set to tell the story of an underground martial arts community in Los Angeles, a sort of modern day samurai film.

According to Mamet himself, the story goes something like this:

"There's this subterranean community that's cross-pollinated between cage fighters and cops and boxers and stuntmen and Navy Seals. It's a really interesting community. It is sort of a samurai film. It is about a guy who's the world's greatest fighter but he doesn't compete. He just trains people because he says, "I'll train you to walk out of the alley alive but I won't train you to get points from a referee." The movie is about how he gets seduced away from his path and becomes commercialized."

The story comes from an interview with Suicide Girls through CHUD, and he goes onto say that the script is written, he'd just like to get it going within the next year or so.

Sounds interesting, and there is a feel of an old samurai teaching his pupils and who gets seduced by money and fame, perhaps kind of like an adult story of the Cobra Kai Sensei John Kreese from Karate Kid? Oh don't take that too seriously, although if you did then it might suggest how the film could go. Judging by his past work though, this would be much more serious, real, and very gritty.



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