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Miller's Ronin next for adaptation?

Ronin.jpgIt seems that Frank Miller's comic series Ronin is set for adaptation to the big screen. During a press conference for 300 the producer Gianni Nunnari revealed that he was working on two different comic book films and one of them was Miller's Ronin.

Ronin is a comic series which a Ronin, or masterless Samurai, is re-incarnated in a dystopian future New York and finds his old enemy, a demon called Agat, also re-incarnated in this time, and their battle over this future world begins. That's a very simplistic view of it, if you want more detail then it's worth heading to the Wikipedia entry.

According to both IESB through Comic Book News and Comic Book Resources, at the conference he said:

"We are working on 'Ronin,' which is another Frank Miller [book], and we are working with Warren Ellis on 'Ocean,'"

Nunnari has said that Sylvain White is set to direct, he previously directed Stomp The Yard.

Nunnari also said that the other comic book film he was working on was Warren Ellis' Ocean, however Comic Book Resources talked to Ellis and he was firm on who owns the rights, he and Chris Sprouse, and they have never been sold, so assume that comic book may not be as close as Ronin.

Ocean tells the story of a UN Weapons Inspector heading to Europa after a discovery of inhuman objects under the planet's ice. Sounds rather interesting, but it looks like we're going to hear more from Ronin first.



Good Lord... couldn't they have found a better director... like Uwe Boll?


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