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Natalie Portman to direct?

NataliePortman.jpgIn what appears to be some hyping up of a story, Jerusalem Capital Studios have said that the gorgeous Natalie Portman may well direct and act in a film version of the book A Tale of Love and Darkness by Israeli writer Amos Oz.

Their spokesperson Danny Levy told Reuters:

"JCS has met with Portman to discuss the possibility of her participating in and directing a film version of the book."

The story comes from Yahoo News and it does sound like they are trying to push forward the press on this deal. Meeting her and asking her to direct is far from her actually wanting to direct the film.

Mind you it would be a strong project for her, and if she really does want to get behind the camera this sounds like an excellent opportunity to do so.

The book tells the story of Oz's upbringing in Jerusalem during the times of fighting when the Jewish state was founded.

According to the report Israeli media has said that Portman is interested in playing the role of Oz's mother who committed suicide.



Great opportunity & all .. yet still my initial thoughts are .. 'oh dear'


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