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New Wonder Woman script reviewed online

WonderWoman.jpgSo we heard about this new script purchase, then heard Joss Whedon leave, and now we can assume that the real truth was that Joel Silver bought the script for the sole reason of developing it. That means Wonder Woman in World War II. However bad as that seems to me, there's news out that it's the exact opposite. There's a script review of the very same speculative script that Silver purchased, and the review is very strong.

The story opens with Queen Hippolyte of the Amazonian army giving us the voice over to the events that lead us to 1943. We see the Amazonian army crushed and fleeing to a deserted island for safety, Themyscira. There they remain for three thousand years, until the second World War pulls them back into the affairs of man, and that's where the action really begins.

It is the origin story for Wonder Woman, and it has been read and reviewed by Latino Review. Thanks to the cool Obsessed with Film for the link.

I've read the opening scenes and they read pretty well, over at Latino Review they say that the rest of it is superb:

...the script rocks. We of course get Diana repelling Nazi bullets with her bracelets and she beats the shit out of Nazi bad guys by the dozens. She has the strength of ten men.

For those fans concerned about her outfit – no worries.

When she finally makes her debut as Wonder Woman on page 86, her Wonder Woman outfit is a combination of her Amazon battle gear and the American flag, the costume we all know as Wonder Woman but slightly more combat ready...

...Overall, a very great read. The writers did their homework. As a comic book character origin movie - it is just as good as Batman Begins.

Wow, that is high praise indeed. Bear in mind that this is a totally different feeling to Batman, what they are saying that in terms of taking a comic book character to the big screen in an origin tale, this is one of the best and ranks with Batman's arrival.

For me the Wonder Woman tale is a bit too camp, I like my superhero stories dark, brooding and dripping with menace and reality. Still, it sounds like they've captured this really well.

I think that from the sounds of it Silver will be taking this script and turning it straight into a film, there doesn't seem to be much reason to rework the idea. I wonder how different Whedon's script was?

So now we can being a whole new round of Wonder Woman casting rumours! Yeehhaaa! I have to say though, that after starting to watch the last and very painful season of Alias, I would recommend Rachel Nichols, but with all those previous rumours could we see a Bollywood Wonder Woman?



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