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Peter Webber directs Barbarella

Barbarella.jpgSo we heard the terrible news just recently that Barbarella was being remade (who has seen the original?) well now it seems that Dino De Laurentiis has decided on his latest franchise directors to bring the back tale to the big screen. Peter Webber of Hannibal Rising.

Well I'm not a big fan of how Hannibal Rising is shaping up, but then the book itself wasn't that great. However there's Girl With a Pearl Earring to look back on too, so perhaps this might not be as bad as I think.

The news from Variety through Coming Soon is being described as a "female James Bond in outer space", and with his previous comments of the film carrying the trademarks of love, sex and adventure, aren't we looking more at something like a female Austin Powers in space? Actually that's exactly what this is.



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