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Robin Hood gets Hollywood rewrite with Crowe

RussellCrowe.jpgRevisionism is alive in Hollywood as we hear that Universal Pictures has just won a deal to produce a new take on the famous Robin Hood tale with Russell Crowe to play the Sheriff of Nottingham. Hold on though, when I said revisionism I meant it, in this tale the Sheriff is the good guy.

The story sounds like a modern day detective novel, the Sheriff is investigating a series of murders in Nottingham in which Robin Hood is the main suspect - is he wearing a hoodie and hanging around shopping centres?

Joking aside this has a lot of potential as it comes from the creators of Sleeper Cell which has been really quite a clever show. Ethan Reiff, one of the creators, said that the strength of it is in the simplicity of making the Sheriff the good guy. Does that then follow that they will make Robin Hood the bad guy, or still a lovable rogue outlaw always doing good deeds?

The story from Reuters and Yahoo News goes on to talk about the bidding war, but I'm more interested in the reworking of this classic tale.

For once, could they be revising history the right way round? Sure Robin could still be giving to the poor and looking out for his fellow people, but he doesn't have to be the shining light as he is so often portrayed. Perhaps by showing him as the outlaw but still doing the deeds for the poor and trying to oust those in power it might give a better story.

Of course the worrying thing is if they go all guns blazing at the idea and make him a terrorist type trying to destroy the strong and order bringing regime. I really hope they don't do that to such a beloved tale.



Hehehe, reminds me of a Firefly episode in Jaynestown.

I'll keep an eye on this news.

I agree. This actually looks like something worth being done. Definitely sounds interesting. I'm in the minority when it comes to liking Costner's Robin Hood. But this one has potential of really being a fun, fascinating tale that retools everything we thought we knew about Robin of Locksley.

"...the reworking of this classic tale."

"I really hope they don't do that to such a beloved tale."

Ok... See what really drives me NUTS about this type of thing is that calling it "Robin Hood" is the hook to get the money people (and the audience) hot and bothered for it. They'll make the movie and as you say flip the orginal story on it's head and still call it "Robin Hood."

Just call it something else completely and after it comes out let the press say that it's "an interesting twist on the classic 'Robin Hood' story."


Hey Drew,

You ARE aware there was a Robin Hood film prior to Costner's right? LOL!

Just pulling you leg, bud. :-D


Drew, I liked Costner's too. Then I loved most of them because it's such a classic tale.

Guys, who would you like to play Robin Hood then?


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