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Russian sci-fi novel adapted by 9th Company director

9thCompany.jpgFyodor Bondarchuk's 9-ya rota (9th Company) was Russia's highest box office earner a few years ago and was overtaken by Night Watch (Filmstalker review), well it looks like it might be falling back into his hands in the near future as he embarks on a Russian science fiction trilogy.

He is adapting Prisoners of Power also known as The Inhabited Island which is an adaptation of a novel by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. According to Variety Bondarchuk looks set to make it into two films with an announced budget of US$28 million with just US$18 million of that going to the actual production.

The story is based in the 22nd Century with man having achieved interstellar travel. The society is pretty much stable without a need for anything, and are focused on scientific research and space exploration. One of the more controversial projects has created a group of people whose role it is to embed in less developed humanoid civilisations and help encourage rapid development, these people are called the Progressors. They do this by protecting scholars and scientists, overthrowing governments, etc. For full details of the plot see the Wikipedia article.

It definitely sounds a strong political and morale tale, one which reading the summary makes me think to modern day Iain M. Banks.

Russia's film industry is really picking up pace, and budgets, and looks set to produce some really strong films. Chances are that this two part story will also get a worldwide release in time.



And probably as just one film as well.

Hey Rich, can you recommend any good Iain Banks novels?

Well Iain Banks writes as Iain M. Banks in the sci-fi world. I might try Use of Weapons or Player of Games for his sci-fi stuff.


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