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Sahara creators in court

Sahara.jpgThe children are fighting in Hollywood, and over the film Sahara no less. The writer of the novel, Clive Cussler, and the billionaire Philip Anschutz are arguing that each of them caused the film to fail and they want money. Instead of sorting out their differences, looking at what failed, the correcting it and making a better film, they're publicly arguing, taking the issue to court, and making themselves look like fools.

Here's a quick run down of the blows...

  • Cussler says the film was ruined because of poor scripts
  • Anschutz says Cussler did not co-operate with the studio
  • Cussler says that Anschutz breached their contract over the deal by altering the screenplay without his consent
  • Anschutz says Cussler delayed production and increased costs

Here's where they start throwing their toys out of their prams and crying that their rich lives are too hard. Anschutz not only says that Cussler lied about the popularity of his books - tens of millions of copies and the sales are easy to verify - but he also says that Cussler made racist comments about Jewish people and Black people.

Oh stop it now. Someone give him a slap. What has that got to do with the rest of the arguments? Cussler of course denies this in the BBC article.

What the hell is going on with these two grown adults. Couldn't they sit down and work it out to get the next film out as a success as they both wanted to straight after Sahara? No, and it looks like Anschutz is just saying anything to try and make Cussler look bad. "Quick, say he said bad things about Jewish people, it hurt Gibson didn't it?".

You'd think that with this amount of money involved they could work things out a little easier. Here's what the facts look like when going through the BBC story.

Cussler had a deal and that deal involved full creative control. Anschutz broke that and rewrote the scripts. The film didn't do as well as expected for some reason, it could have been the scripts, it might not have been. Whatever Anschutz says he cannot go back on the deal and rewrite the script, even if Cussler isn't behaving the way he'd like.

So while all this goes down, so does the chance of a sequel and the lucrative franchise they were after. I say Cussler stick to your guns, get out of it and take your novels elsewhere.

You know, the film was kinda fun, if a little dumb, and there were a lot of reasons you could fault it not just script alone.



Oh stop it now. Someone give him a slap.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh boy, youre on a roll tonight arent ya?

Havent seen Sahara yet by the way, should I? You've heard of the rumours that McConaughey is being considered to star in Magnum P.I. huh?

I have zero sympathy for either of these douchebags. They put out a film and it flopped. Damage done. Just move on.

Making a bad movie never stopped Uwe Boll after all.

Yeah, the rumours were pretty much debunked, but I still think the Sahara team would work well in that series.

Sahara, well it's mindless fun entertainment, which I think is the real problem behind this battle. I'm sure Cussler wanted something a little more serious.

Stunning point well made ISO.


Okay then I wouldnt bother with it when there are a lot more better films I should be watching.


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