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Snyder talks CGI on Watchmen

Watchmen.jpgWe've heard before that Zack Snyder wants to create his Watchmen as close to the Alan Moore original as possible, and that means it will be set in 1985 and it will feature Richard Nixon as the President, he even said that the studio are behind him in those ideas. He's just commented on the film again and reitorated those thoughts and talked about another fan's concerns, the use of CGI in the film.

While he was promoting 300 he spoke about the film and what he hopes for it.

"I think that by setting the movie in ‘85, by having the Cold War, having Nixon, having all that stuff you reinvigorate what the story is about. It allows all the metaphors…

...I think what Alan Moore has, in his book, the comic he's made about authority and government and all those things, they're big themes. Maybe if you make that movie right, [then] what that has to say makes people think about what's happening maybe now or in their own lives."

Then there's the discussion about CGI and how much there is going to be. It does sound as though the member of the press asked about the CGI use and how it might go against the fans wishes, and his response was:

"The idea of Watchmen is not to do a CGI movie, but to do it when it's necessary. Like when Doc Manhattan goes to Mars, there's an issue here, we've got to figure that out. We can't go to Mars, I know, a lot people are going to be disappointed by that - but I just don't have the money. Antarctica also, there's no Carnac built there. I know, again, we should probably build it and then go film it there, but I don't think they're going let us do that. So those two things right off the bat you can think about. Dr. Manhattan himself, what do you do, how do you make him - how do you render him. Rorschach's mask. There's things that have to be dealt with and figured out. But I think that the appetite for me is to make a movie that feel's more like Taxi Driver than like Fantastic Four, again. So it's a balance."

Stonking comment, and that's from First Showing, so thanks to them for catching those comments.

Snyder also makes another good point, if you don't go and see 300 and make it a winner, then chances are much lower that Watchmen will make it to the big screen. The studio apparently can't understand why he can't make a Fantastic Four type film, and that says everything. So if you want Watchmen, put your weight behind 300 and show the studio that this is the find of film you want.

What do you think, sounds promising so far doesn't it? Still, there's a very long way to go.



Oh trust me, I was going to see 300 anyway.

That comment about Watchmen being more like Taxi Driver and less like Fantastic Four sounds promising.

if you don't go and see 300 and make it a winner

I pledge my full support sir! ;)


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