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The Condemned trailer online

Condemned.jpgThe Condemned trailer is online. It's a film with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones which tells the story of ten vicious death row murderers who are bought by a television producer, shipped to an island, and set against each other. All the time they are filmed and told that the winner gets to escape to freedom, they have a limited time though, and if there's not one left standing, they all die.

Sounds just like Battle Royale, but with death row convicts. Actually I think the schoolkids are more brutal, but at least this will be filled with special effects and big Hollywood setups.

The trailer actually looks quite good, and you can see it in the main article, although we don't see much more than some of the payoff moments and the story outline.

The trailer is over at IGN through AITH.

Over stylised violence which won't hold a patch to Battle Royale, or something worth seeing?



Looks like this could be a bit like Running Man with a little less camp. It might at least be a bit of mindless fun...

The trailer did remind me of The Running Man. It looks like its worth a ganders for some mindless entertainment. It doesn't hold up against Battle Royale though.


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