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US try for Scottish Rugby film?

Rugby.jpgI couldn't resist the joke, my apologies, however it is true. A US film maker is finishing his film Play On just in time for the Edinburgh Film Festival, a film which is all about Scottish Rugby and features Edinburgh itself and Scottish players.

The film is about the son of a former Scottish Rugby star who is struggling to follow in his father's footsteps as a top professional in the sport. It is set to feature Gavin Hastings and Cammy Mather, two top players, as well as players from Edinburgh Rugby and Watsonians, apparently to make it as authentic as possible.

The film locations are split between Edinburgh, the Scottish Borders and, amazingly, Kansas. For those in Edinburgh we're likely to see locations such as the Murrayfield and Myreside grounds as well as locations in Leith.

The story from the Scotsman sounds really interesting, not just because an American film maker is producing this Scottish Rugby film, or because it also films in Kansas, but because it's a big Rugby film featuring actual Scottish Rugby players. I'll be interested to see how realistic some of the matches really are.

Does a Rugby film interest anyone Stateside, or even outside Rugby playing nations?



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