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Voice of Wallace speaks about Aardman Dreamworks split

WallaceandGromit.jpgPeter Sallis is the voice of Wallace in the great Wallace and Gromit films, and he's spoken out about the creator's split from Hollywood, he thinks it's the better move for his creations, particularly for Wallace and Gromit.

Here's what he had to say about the recent news that Aardman had split with Dreamworks:

"When I was recording it, I actually thought I'd prefer to be recording a half-hour Wallace + Gromit for the BBC...I'm happy as long as Nick's happy but I just think The Were-Rabbit wasn't quite as good as, say The Wrong Trousers.

I just didn't feel the same way when I came out of the cinema. Hitchcock said that in any kind of thriller, you need a good villain. Who could beat a penguin pretending to be a chicken with a rubber glove on its head? The baddie in The Were-Rabbit just wasn't as good.

The trouble is, when Hollywood gets involved, the writing gets all complicated. The Were-Rabbit took five years to produce and I think that could have been reduced by about two years to produce without that involvement."

The comments come from Yahoo News and reflect a few people's feelings.

Whatever happens I really would like to see Wallace and Gromit again, and on the big screen. Sallis would prefer if they went back to the half hour shows on the BBC, I would prefer to see the big movies, just without the influence of Hollywood. What would you prefer for the wonderful plastacine duo?



Silver screen just like you, and leave Hollywood out of it.

On either, actually no, on both.

I agree the wrong trousers was jam packed with humour and innuendo and british-ness(thats not a real word i guess). Hollywood maybe misunderstood where the heart of the movie was, but it still thourghly enjoyed it.

The movie was as funny as the guy three rows behind me getting the jokes 2-3 seconds after everyone else.


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