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Weisz unsure of Mummy 3

RachelWeisz.jpgIt's a topsy turvy day for Hollywood today, and it all starts with the news that, yet again, Rachel Weisz wouldn't mind doing The Mummy 3.

We had heard just the other day that neither Brendan Fraser or Weisz were locked in the cast, despite earlier reports that Fraser was.

In that latest story we heard that at least Fraser had read the script and liked it, he's still waiting for the cast call and that both roles were written in the script...so how come Weisz hasn't seen it, and why has she not been approached as Fraser has?

According to Starpulse News Blog, Weisz is still keen though:

She tells Empire magazine, "Well I hear rumblings that Stephen Sommers is writing one. But I don't know if it's rumour or true. But would I want to do it? Yeah, why not! Get the family back together again. Go on some adventures."

I would have thought that if there's a script and a go ahead on a continuing franchise then you'd want to lock in the leads again. We'll have to wait some more, because even if they are writing out the Mummy and moving everything to China, they can't replace the goodie leads...can they? Well, it is Hollywood after all, and anything can happen.



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