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What are the non-typical romantic films for Valentines?

RedRose.jpgValentines Day is here again, the day of the year that we are told that it is now time to tell loved ones that you love them, the day that prices for chocolates, flowers and cards raise two fold, and the day that helps shops bridge the gap to the next commerically sanctioned celebratory date. Call me crazy but I believe you should tell your loved ones you love them all the time, not just one day of the year, however this is Filmstalker and we're here to talk about films.

With that, let's broach the subject of romantic films. Yet before we go to far I'm going to stop your train of thought and tell you that we're not looking at the typically romantic films, but films that are romantic with a twist, or romantic with a side plot, and those are much rarer and often much more special.

There are few examples I can think of, and that's probably a good thing because it leaves it much more open to you guys to think of them. Also, rather than my usual practice of leaping into a deep analysis of these films and characters, let me just outline a few and let you debate their significance and where, and even if, you find anything romantic in them at all.

Ghost and Always (one of my personal favourites) are perhaps at the more romantic side of this scale. Sure they are very romantic films, but in the end they are really about letting go, not loving more. I think that's a very important distinction. A big part of love is having the ability to let go of someone or something, even though you love them.

White Palace, Desert Heart and Untamed Heart are films where we see very unlikely couples come together and find love with each other. White Palace shows us the differences of age and class, Desert Heart of sexual orientation, and Untamed Heart of social grouping.

True Romance shows the faith and belief that lovers have with each other, and that whatever life throws at them, they can hold onto each other.

Secretary and Jade are examples of characters who are obsessive and quite dangerous with their love, these are perhaps the further end of the scale where films really aren't the typical romantic stories that we would expect.

So what films can you identify that aren't the typical romantic love stories? Anything from the Ghost's to the Secretary's? Any films which tell the story of love in a different way, from an odd perspective, or show a side not so often seen in romantic movies?



Awwwwww come on Richard why do you have to make this feature so difficult???!!! I was already looking at my rom-com collection and choose my top 10 and you decide to put a twist to it all? How am I gonna answer this feature now?

*Simone cries unabashedly*

Oh god. I hate to admit it but "The Notebook" does it to me every time. Oh, and "Sixteen Candles".

You did say non-typical, right?

Natural Born Killers comes to mind. It's chaotic and violent, but at the core, it's just a love story. Now if only my wife would let me buy the DVD...I haven't seen it in years.

I probably just got myself added to some FBI watch list, didn't I?

"A La Folie...Pas Du Tout" and "Jeux D'Enfants"...two French movies which really subvert traditional romance (The former stars Audrey Tautou, the latter stars up and coming french superstar Marion Coutillard).

I highly recommend both of them, and are perfect for your topic Richard!

I'm back with Links to the above films mentioned. Both films are decidedly off-beat and worth a look.

A La Folie...Pas Du Tout

Jeux D'Enfants

See, that's why I love the Twitch guys, something new every time.

Marina I haven't seen The Notebook, but it sounds a lovely tale. I'm going to have to add that one to my watch list.

Cracking choice Hap, and spot on, it's a love story at heart with some great performances too. Oh, and just being here we're all probably on an FBI watch list!

Sunrise by F.W. Murnau. One of the ten best films ever made.

High Fidelity. I like it because it doesn't have a typical romantic ending. Sure they get back together, but there's no sappy, tear jerking reunion. They just kinda agree to it over a drink.

A lot of things in life are just that simple.

I suppose Shaun of the Dead? It's really a rom-zom movie right? Hehehe

And guys, Hot Fuzz is the bomb, just saw it tonight and it's awesome!

Punch Drunk Love

An Affair to Remember, by Leo McCarey. A masterpiece by its own merit.

Peter, did you mean this;

Winter must be cold to those without warm memories, we already missed the spring...

What a great line huh? Indeed.

"The St. Valentine's Day Massacre" by Roger Corman. Very romantic.

Okay here is trite and corny but I've always prefered Casablanca because it shows that there are things greater in this world than romantic love.

Yeah, I said it...Casablanca.

I also like The Empire Strikes Back...


"I know..."

'nough said

antonio - WTF? this website is for talking about movies. Making derogatory personal comments about individuals(especially with regards to race or otherwise) is not done here. I understand you possbily have a grievance, but its usually best to speak with that person direct.

Hey Pablo, thanks for that. Just got back and removed the comment from Antonio...I have his IP address though...

Ach Martin!!!

I totally dig that scene from Empire Strikes Back, not cheesy at all!

dont worry i wont bother you again

Well you just did, and I deleted another comment. By deleting your comment I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with it, however your comments are inflammatory, possibly slanderous, not related to film, and plain rude. Not for this site at all.

I've just recently seen A Matter of Life and Death and really, really loved it. It's such a beautiful film and as much as I am drawn to the love story between Peter (David Niven) and June (Kim Hunter), I also adored Marius Goring who played the Conductor.

Oh that really is a gorgeous film. One of my favourites.

Okay, better late than never ..

City of Angels comes to mind straight away. I like films like this.

I can't just leave it at that .. Kaboosh ..
A Bollywood film: Darr (translates Fear) 1993 - The film that made Shah Rukh Khan get noticed, from here his career's had no turning back.

Kiran & Sunil are lovers, engaged, to marry soon. Enter the shy guy (Rahul - SRK) finally getting out of his shell. He's been obsessed with Kiran since they were at college and he's now ready to confront his fears & tell her that he loves her .. or is he?

Basically this is a film about the couple & Rahul who is the obsessed stalker, but when things pan out, you end up feeling sorry for him & truly believeing he loved her far more than the husband.

I think to quite an extent it was the performance above the writing that caused this effect. I saw it again around Valentines as it so happens, looks a bit dated, but still one of my personal favourite films of all time. I think as far as your above categories go, it'd fit in with the Secretary, but miles better in my opinion.

What about David Lean's Ryan's Daughter?


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