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25 minutes of Grindhouse feature online

GrindHouse.jpgWant to see some behind the scenes for Grindhouse? Well it's your lucky night because there are four behind the scenes clips online, all making one large featurette.

The clips total almost twenty five minutes, and as yet I really can't tell you about the content as I'm frantically trying to download them, and they are going slow. Even though they are all zipped there's about 39Mb to download, so we may see the site going down by morning.

You can download the clips exclusively from Rose-McGowan.com through /Film.

I've just downloaded them and started watching. There's a lot of clips and a fair amount of talk from the stars and the two directors. Very nice, well worth watching.



Okay, just watched them all. You have to download them now, there's tons of footage and loads about the film. Great viewing.

Is it enough stuff to ruin the films? Even though I loved the 300 trailer, I still think I saw a little too much of the movie in the trailer.

Mmm...I'm not so sure it is hap. I know what you mean with 300, although I didn't have that tainted feeling as much as I have with other films.

With Grindhouse it's all action and a degree of silliness so there's not tons of plot to destroy. There are some new clips, but there are lots of clips we've seen before and a lot of the directors talking.

Maybe someone else can watch and let you know how they feel.

Tarantino and Rodriguez already made their Grindhouse film. Back in 1996 with George Clooney and Harvey Keitel...From Dusk 'Till Dawn.

I never watch these clips online before the movie, I mean, a trailer is one thing, but actual scenes from the movie are a tad awkward when it comes to seeing the scene again in the theatre....too close to spoiler territory for me.

I'm itching to watch these Richard, but I just don't want to wreck or spoil my experience at the theater. Which will totally happen if I've already seen 20 minutes of the movie in clips.


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