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300 battle scene clip and Leana Headey online

LenaHeadey.jpg300 (Filmstalker review) is going marketing mad at the moment, and quite rightly so. Online there are a couple new videos, one is a much needed interview with the lovely Lena Headey who amongst all the interest in Gerard Butler's abs and the manliness of the whole thing has been a bit lost, then there's a new clip online with a nice intro from Butler himself, this clip is nothing you've seen before, it's a full on fighting scene with severed limbs and blood aplenty. Fantastic.

Headey plays Queen Gorgo who tries to keep Sparta rallied behind their King when he leaves with his small guard of three hundred men to try and fend off the Persian armies from invading their lands. She does play a strong role, and I wish we had seem a little more of her.

Now you can listen to her interviewed on Reelzchannel as she talks about abs, green screens, and what it's like to simulate sex on screen.

Meanwhile, for all those that want something a bit harder from the 300 film, I have a superb extended clip here that shows one of the intense and bloody battle scenes where two Spartan warriors face off against the attacking Persian soldiers. Fantastic stuff, and if you haven't read the spoiler free review yet, you should...

That really does give you the best taste of what 300 is all about, and it looks amazing on the big screen.



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