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Updated: 300 Red Carpet Premiere video online

300.jpgThe 300 (Filmstalker review) London premiere was just last week, and we've been given the footage from Warner Brothers for you all to enjoy. It includes Gerard Gutler and Lena Heady being interviewed, so there's something for everyone, as well as clips from the film itself.

I've got various formats and various sizes for you here. Enjoy!

300 Premiere footage in MP4 format:
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

300 Premiere footage in ASX format:
Medium, Large, Extra Large, HUGE!

300 Premiere footage in iPod format:

Update: Thanks to Marina for the heads up, the links were all badly formatted and I just fixed them. Enjoy Gerry and Lena!



I was tempted to watch the video in my office but I thought I'd leave it until I get home, now it's not even working Richard.

Wow. I consider myself one of those girls that doesn't get easily excited at the sight of a handsome man but Butler is an amazing specimen. He's what I'd refer to as the total package: smart, talented, funny and handsome to boot.

Thank you for the great clips!

He kept the thong? YAY!

Richard, is that Scottish humor? ;)

Cheers Marina!

Just to check, are these actually working now? I seem to be getting intermittent results with them - perhaps the server is overloaded with Gerry's female fans!


Well it worked with me, I used the ASX format.

Richard, you still havent answered my question. ;)


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