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Adamson to hand over Narnia franchise?

DawnTreader.jpgAccording to rumours Andrew Adamson won't continue with the Narnia series after this current film Prince of Caspian, and so it means that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will feature a new director. There's also a rumour of who that director would be, Neil Burger, the director of The Illusionist.

Apparently the rumour is that there's no bad blood or ill feeling, just that Adamson has decided to pass on the next in the series, perhaps he's just after a break.

The story comes from Moviehole through Cinema Blend.

The story of Dawn Treader tells the tale of the two grown up younger family members Lucy and Edmund who join their cousin Eustace on a new adventure aboard the Dawn Treader heading for the end of the World.

There's always a worry when someone is attached to a series that they might not see it through to the end, can you imagine Lord of the Rings having seen Peter Jackson move on after the first or second film? Yet there's also something refreshing in the idea of another strong director taking the helm and bringing a freshness and new feel to a franchise.

Frankly it could go either way, it's really difficult to tell at this early stage, however it does seem a good break to take just as the characters change as does the setting and the tone. How do you think this will fare? Do you think this will be a good move for the franchise?



I agree that this could go either way but I'd love to see what Burger can bring to the franchise. He has a definitive style and vision and I could see it working well with the Narnia series.


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