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Airplane and Naked Gun sequels?

PoliceSquad.jpgDirect to DVD sequels are going mad just now, sequels, prequels and directs seem to be the money making order of the day in Hollywood, and all the while other film industries are struggling to get their new idea filled films made. Another direct piece of news is that there are new sequels being looked at for the Naked Gun and Airplane sequels.

Now I love the first couple of Airplane films, and Naked Gun was good, although I love the Police Squad series much more, but making more of these is a decision I just can't get, even for monetary reasons. Can we really seen Leslie Nielsen returning to the franchise and delivering the punch that he did before?

The news from Variety through Moviehole tells us just that. David Zucker, one of the men behind the series, has been wanting more made for ages, so perhaps this will make him happy. Not me though, and I'm not sure how the audience would take these.

Could you see more Naked Gun's and Airplanes? Could you even see Neilsen getting back into them?



Some things you should not mess with, and these are both classics in their own right. It's like deep-frying Mars bars, it's just wrong.

Nielsen was fantastic, but there was also a brilliant mix of others, something that just can't be recreated in the same manner. It's absolute flattery to try and imitate them, but violation of a classic to do so.

Leave well alone, these were unique styles that should be left as such. To try and copy them would result in failure. Besides, whatever happened to originality in film-making?


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