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Aja confirmed for Piranha remake

Piranha.jpgSo it is confirmed. Alexandre Aja is set to continue on the remake path with the remake of Piranha, confirmation of the story we heard a few days ago.

The story from Variety tells us that Aja wants to pay homage to all the creature films that made him fall in love with the genre originally, and we hear how the story will be updated...slightly.

Lake Havasu, Ariz., a favorite destination for partying spring breakers. When a tremor causes the ground to open up beneath the lake, chaos and terror break out as ravenous piranhas are released.

"We will maintain the fun and thrilling aspects of the original film but look forward to upping the ante with a modern-day twist," Dimension's Bob Weinstein said.

Well the only thing that I can really say about this is that I'm glad the "idiotic reporter" idea is gone, the idea that someone would be dumb enough to manually drain the pool into the nearby river to find out what was eating people is crazy in this day and age.

I think Aja will treat this with a lot of respect and give us another superb horror remake. I long for him doing some original work though, but this is a good choice. Let's see if he can get his teeth into this film...oh dear...



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