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Aja to remake Piranha?

AlexandreAja.jpgCould Alexandre Aja be set to remake another classic horror? If the rumour is true then he is set to remake the classic Joe Dante 1978 film Piranha.

Well he's certainly qualified after remakingThe Hills Have Eyes (Filmstalker review) so well, but the question is if he would want to remake another classic horror film.

In a way it's a shame that the make of Haute Tension (Filmstalker review) is being reported as turning his hand to another remake, he showed so much potential for horror and thrillers through this first film and then really surprised me with his Eyes remake, that was superb. So I can't say I'm not looking forward to the idea because I think he could really make a strong film, but I would love to see Aja bring out some original material soon.

The story comes from the rumour rich IESB, so bags of salt here. The original film told the story of a genetically bred strain of Piranha who were designed to live in cold water to be used in the Vietnam war. They've been held in an isolated pool until a couple are discovered eaten alive there by a reporter, she drains the pool to see what's in it only too late realising that they have released these flesh eating fish into a river which leads to populated areas, including a kids summer camp...and guess what? It's summer.

Aja is currently remaking another film, Mirrors which is a remake of Geoul sokeuro, so perhaps his trend is continuing?



Oh I love those killer fish! I have to tell my mom about this - she loves horror films!


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