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Angelina Jolie seeks child abduction story

AngelinaJolie.jpgAngelina Jolie is looking to buy the rights on the story of Melissa Hawach, a Canadian mother who took back her children from their father in Australia.

Hawach hired two former Australian and New Zealand special forces soldiers to get her children back from her ex-husband just last year.

According to WENN through Starpulse News Blog, Jolie's representative called Hawach's agent to discuss the possibility of her playing the part in a possible film.

The negotiations are still underway, and Sydney's Daily Telegraph has the comment from Hawach's agent:

"She has shown interest in playing Melissa. For someone with Angelina's profile to be keen, it's obviously very flattering."

Her agent is keen to pump up the price though, as he states that five major Hollywood studios have already bid on the story.

You know, there are plenty of stories like this around the world, so I'm not so sure it has to be this one. Perhaps there's something I'm missing about the tale of the abduction itself, however Jolie would do the part justice that's for sure, and wouldn't you feel good if Jolie was playing you on screen?



Yeah....and who is going to play Joe Hawach the moron who started this whole mess.

A little background on this A Hole:


hello there i fell upon your site when i was looking for advice on how to get my children back
the story is a long one it has twist and turns im trying to write my story but find it difficult if you know of any body that can help me please please reply my children have been taken interstate for the 3rd christmas in a row i love my children very much but they seem to not want to know me i believe they have become confused and miss lead .
and are in a terribly mentally abusive relation ship with there father as i know that is the reason i got out of the marriage but imade some terrible mistakes and live with them everyday as i know the children are still in the same relationship but i cannot seeem to do anything about it the law say they cannot do any thing with out the family law courts but it is the holidays and no one will do anything i am in dispair and do not kow what to do can any one help me there is more but i would rather sit down with somebody and tell them the facts help help help yvonne speir

Wow Yvonne, that's a terrible situation, and I'm in no position to give you advice other than get in touch with a lawyer/solicitor who specialises in family law as soon as possible.

If there are any family lawyers out there willing to help then please get in touch and I can pass you through to her email address.


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