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Aniston shouldn't leave Hollywood

JenniferAniston.jpgThe stories continue about Jennifer Aniston wanting to quit Hollywood and I can't help but think we're the ones losing out if she does.

Sure, she's talking about going to Broadway and all, but I think we're losing a potentially great actress.

The problem so far is that she's not really been given, or taken, the roles that can show her potential.

If I hadn't seen Derailed (Filmstalker review) I would be glossing over this story and indeed ignoring it, but I have, and her performance there did something I didn't really think was possible, she made me forget Rachel and believe in her new character. She changed from a cute soapy character to someone with heart, passion, sexiness, and above all a streak of evil. She had me convinced, and I was thrilled with her performance.

So why can't we see more of her like that? Why hasn't she done more roles like that? Well for one the film didn't do as well as expected, and then she starts saying that she doesn't need these kind of films, and that they are just "caviar" to her.

Well if she's at all disillusioned with Hollywood I would put that down to this incredibly stupid choice. She cannot and should not continue with romantic comedies and trying to be a Rachel type character, that's what has landed her where she is.

Drop that and give us some serious acting that pushes you, then you might find people turn to you as an actress, you get better roles, and you won't find it so tough.

She is signed up to Wanted with Meryl Streep, The Senator's Wife and although it's a comedy it is a Coen comedy, Gambit with Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley and Lisa Bonet.

The story that comes from FemaleFirst.co.uk is generally rumour, but it is something that's been said a few times before. I hope she doesn't turn her back on Hollywood and keeps doing more dramatic roles, away from romantic comedy.



I agree with that observation. I loved the series FRIENDS and I watched films that starred the members of the cast but really disappointed because I kept seeing the same performances reminiscent of their characters. I was about to write Aniston off as she was doing the same schmaltzy rom-coms but it was her surprising performance in 2002's The Good Girl that changed my mind about her. I thought she was actually good if stretched. I didn't get the chance to see Derailed but I agree, she definitely has acting chops, it's a shame to see her talent go to waste.

Noooo! Not only is she beautiful, but this girl CAN act. As you pointe out in the post, "Derailed" was terrific. She's also been in some other lesserknown films where she was showing of her chops. "The Good Girl" and "Friends with Money" come to mind.

I hope she reconsiders and sticks around, because as you said, WE'LL be the ones losing out on this deal.


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